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Know the Project Cost Up Front

Too often, the owner goes through the lengthy design process with the engineering firm only to discover in the bidding their design exceeds their budget requiring the expense of re-engineering and the time lost.  
  1. Design Build provides the project cost at the beginning, before contract
  2. Design Builders are adept at Designing to Budget.  As contractors, we are very aware of current and actual costs; we know how to adjust design parameters to meet budget goals.

Cost Efficient

  1. Only one mark-up: Rather than paying an engineering firm’s overhead and markup as well as a contractor’s overhead and markup, there is only one with design-build.
  2. Materials: The engineering firm has no incentive for efficient design or to spec cost efficient materials.   In fact, his incentive is to over design to reduce his risk.  A Design Builder is all about the most cost efficient design to meet the requirements.
  3. Design Builders understand constructability:  While any number of designs may satisfy the requirements; a Design Builder understands the site conditions and materials and knows which one can be most cost effectively constructed.   
  4. Drawings: Construction drawings are designed solely for construction purposes rather than with all the detail need for bidding purposes.

Time Efficient

  1. Rather than waiting for the engineering firm to complete a bid package and then waiting for contractors to bid, a design-build firm can break ground or begin the permitting process as soon as the project is awarded.
  2. The streamlined construction plans take less time to produce and are designed with efficient construction in mind.
  3. Changes to scope can be incorporated on the fly, rather than construction screeching to a halt while the engineering firm re-works the drawings.

Hassle Free

Design-Build even entails intangible benefits:
  1. One point of contact from concept to completion, so answers are always one phone call away.
  2. No finger pointing between engineer and contractor with the Owner in the middle.
Why Design-Build?
For centuries, Owners have used the old traditional way of Project Delivery: Design > Bid > Build. Now, progressive owners are choosing Design-Build as the attractive alternative that offers a shorter bidding process, a shorter project timeline, and a lower cost.

Design/Build Advantages

EMC is a construction company run by professional engineers, that gives you:  
  • an engineer with respect for construction methods and costs
  • and a contractor with respect for the design, codes and quality
  • Experience
    • EMC has the process down pat. We’ve been doing this since 1980.
    • History of Success—34+ years of completed projects with a list of satisfied clients for your reference
  • Broad capabilities
    • We can undertake any project you can think of, from a small structural remodel to a new facility, so we’ve probably handled a job much like yours already.
  • Efficient
    • We run a lean operation which keeps costs down and accountability up.
  • Reliable
  • Solid Financially, no debt, self-finance our projects, no up front payments required
  • Well-insured with additional $5MM umbrella
  • Bonding available if required

Why Choose EMC?
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